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La Suisse- By Jordanna Segal

La Suisse: En pays en Europe

By Jordanna Segal 10/1/12

La population de Suisse est 7,594,000. Les Suisses parlent allemande (German), le français (French), et l’italien (Italian) parce qu’ils sont les langues officielles. La Suisse est situé à côté de Austria, France, Italy, et Germany. Bern est la capital, mais Zurich la plus grande ville. La Suisse ont du bon chocolat. Genève a plusieurs de rade. La Suisse a plusieurs des magasins. Par example, il y a Rolex, Swatch, et le couteau Suisse.

                             Une carte de Suisse

                     Le lake à Geneva

                       Swatch à Geneva

                   Le capital de Suisse: Bern

Une personne célèbre

Roger Federer is a world champion tennis player born in Basel. He was born on August 8, 1981 and raised in Münchenstein, Switzerland. He played cricket, basketball, and was an avid badmitton player when younger. He played in his first tennis final at the Marseille Open in 2000 against Marc Rosset, a fellow Swiss. He lost the match. In the Summer Olympics in Beijing he won a gold medal. Four years later he won the silver medal again Andy Murray, who won the gold. He is married to Mirka Vavrinec, a fellow tennis player. Together they have twin girls. As of May 2012, he is number 31 on the Forbes 100 celebrities list.

                      This is Roger Federer

Un plat spécial

Fondue is a Swiss food consisting of melted cheese served in a pot over a lamp. A person eats fondue by dipping long forks typically holding bread into the melted cheese. Some types of Swiss cheese fondues include Gruyère and Emmental.The earliest recipe for fondue dates back to as far as 1699. Later on meat fondue and chocolate fondue were created. Fruit is usually dipped into the chocolate fondue. Other dessert fondues include the following: coconut, honey, caramel, and marshmallow. 

                        Swiss fondue


  1. Rade- harbor
  2. Couteau- knife
  3. à côté de- next to 
  4. Des Magasins- stores
  5. Situé- located 
  6. Les Suisses- Swiss people 
Sources: vtext- textbook p. 118-119 



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