Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Morbier: Un fromage village agricole

Le Morbier est un doux, fromage de lait de vache français nommé d'après le village pittoresque de Morbier dans le nord-est de la France. Il est vénéré pour sa richesse en saveur et la texture.
I did not like the cheese very much. It tasted too sour for my liking. The smell was very strong as well. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Equis Fromage: Boule de Lille

Boule de Lille, or Mimolette cheese, has both French and Dutch origin. In some ways it's similar in taste to Edam cheese. However it is different in appareance - it has a carrot to burnt orange colored core, depending upon the degree to which the cheese is aged. Mimolette is from Lille, France, where it gets it's nickname from Boule de Lille. Mimolette cheese comes from a cow. Its defining taste is like a mild cheddar, and has a complex after taste. However as the cheese ages, it's flavor and profile completely changes. It is great with a loaf of bread with oil and vinegar for dipping, and some fruit, such as grapes or apples.

Lille, France is located at the top near Belgium.

Mimolette n'est pas doux, mais frais. C'est delicieux. Mais, mon prefere n'est pas mimolette. Mimolette est difficile. Il ressemble a du fromage cheddar.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bucherondin de Chèvre: le fromage du bûcheron

Bucherondin de Chèvre

Bucherondin, or Bucheron, is a goat cheese deriving from the western Poitou-Charentes region of France. Bucheron holds the shape of a log, which is where the cheese gets its name from. "Buche" is the french word for "log" and "Bucheron" means "lumberjack." While young, the cheese has a harder texture with a mild flavor. After the cheese has aged, it has a softer texture with a sharper, more intense flavor. Bucheron is commonly sprinkled on salads, put on grainy breads or eaten with fruits such as grapes.

Quand je l'ai goûté ma première pensée a été que le fromage était moyen. Ce n'était pas trop forte ou trop faible. J'ai aimé la texture. J'ai aimé le goût parce qu'il n'était pas trop forte. la saveur de bucheron est similaire à Camembert.


Cantorel Bleu d'Auvergne: Il est très crème

     Cantorel Bleu d'Auvergne was first crafted by a cheese maker named Antoine ROUSSEL, about forty km to the west of Clermont-Ferrand in a town called Auvergne. He came up with the idea to put artificial holes in the cheese so that a blueish green mold would grow in it. He called this technique "pricking" and it was adopted by many cheese makers in Auvergne. Cantorel Bleu d'Auvergne is made of pasteurized cow's milk. It is now made in Saint Flour but still in Auvergne. It has a salty, creamy taste but isn't too sharp. It goes well with nuts and raw mushrooms or simply on a cheese plate served with a tawny port. Depending on how mild it is, a sweet wine like Jurancon.

J'ai n'aim pas ce fromage. Il est crémeux, mais je n'aime pas le goût de mold. Il est salée et douce et facile à étaler. 
Ce n'ést pas mon fromage préféré.

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Gruyere: le fromage de la Suisse

Gruyere is a cheese from Switzerland, in the region of canton of Fribourg. This cheese is from a cow, and has a mild, and not overpowering flavor. Its aging time is about 5-12 months and it is not pasturized. This yellow, hard cheese can be served with white wine, and many other dishes. Graded it can be served as a table cheese or on a salad or pasta, and it is also used in quiche. It is often used in baking, fondu, french onion soup, and cordon blue.


Map of Switzerland, location of Fribourg highlighted

Le fromage est doux. Le goût est crémeux et fait avec du lait de vache. Il est moisi, et les goûts de champignons. La texture est légère. Il est semblable à du fromage suisse. Il a aussi des saveurs de noisette et douce.

Madison McElheney

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Brie Plus Bleu Égals Camembert?!


     Camembert is a cheese that originates from Camembert, Normandy, in Northern France, the area from which its name is derived.  Camembert is made from cow's milk, unpressed, for at-least 21 days, becoming creamier the longer it is aged.  It is very salty and has a taste similar to that of moldy cheeses.  It is typically served with a baguette at room temperature.  It is also good with fruits and nuts.  The best wine to have with Camembert would be Red Bordeaux.  It is a more common cheese and is easy to find anywhere.

     J'ai adoré le camembert! Il avait le goût du fromage bleu et de brie. Il avait un goût fort, mais était crémeux. Je pense que je vais l'aime mieux avec la baguette. Je le recommande à ceux qui aime le fromage bleu ou brie.

Cutest village!
Le plus mignon village!


Meule de Savoie: Directement de la Vache

The Meule de Savoie cheese originates from a cheese hotspot in France: the French Alpes. It is specifically from the Rhône-Alpes region. It is made from raw cow’s milk, making it a cow cheese. It is enjoyed because of its combination of saltiness and fruitiness. It has a smooth texture that melts in your mouth, then it leaves you with a fruity aftertaste. Meule de Savoie is traditionally complemented by a red wine, especially Pinot Noir. Many French people also eat the cheese with fruit like grapes or pears, or they place it on a sandwich, or they eat it by itself.

J’aime la Meule de Savorie parce que elle a un goût fruité. Elle est tres salé aussi. Elle est un fromage dur français, mais elle fond dans votre bouche. Elle a une texture crémeuse et une odeur plaisante ça aggresse votre nez. J’aime fromage italien plus que fromage français.


Fleur Verte: Moelleux et Frais

"Green Flower"


Fleur Verte is a soft, creamy cheese made in Perigord, France. It is a fresh cheese, only aged for four days, giving it that soft texture. The cheese can be cut with just a butter knife. It is about a five pound wheel, coated in thyme, terragon, and pink peppercorns. The taste is not strong, but it isn't simple like Brie. It has a slight tangy, lemony flavor. The milk used in Fleur Verte is goat, unlike many of the other cheeses that are made from the milk of a cow. Janet Fletcher suggests that one eats it with "a beet salad with raspberry vinegar, a roast chicken, some Nicoise olives and a bowl of soft greens" (SFGate). Some other ideas are a simple bread with the cheese or pizza with the cheese melted on top.

J'aime Fleur Verte! C'est très moelleux et crémeux. Fleur Verte fait bon bruschetta avec pain croquant.

Le saveur est unique et je recommande achat. C'est diffèrent de autre fromages je goûté. Je n'attend pas partager avec tu!

moelleux - soft
crèmeux - creamy
croquant - crunchy
saveur - flavor
partager - to share

Gruyère: Le fromage de Suisse

Gruyère: By Jordanna (insert French accent here) Segal! 

Gruyère originates from Switzerland in Europe. It is a cheese that is yellow, solid, and named after the city of Gruyères in Switzerland! It has a typical aging time of about 5-12 months! The source of milk is from Cows. It has a sweet but salty taste. It is generally eaten with omelets, baguettes, quiche, soup, and dessert. It can even be eaten by itself to make a small, yummy, tasty, nutrient filled snack. It is a common cheese in the grocery stores of America, or at least in the specific region of Charleston's downtown Harris Teeter store. 

Je n’aime pas le Gruyère. Le saveur est mauvais. En general je n’aime pas du fromage, mais ma mère adorer le fromage.  Ma mère dit le fromage être mild et sharp. Le odeur est très mauvais. 





St. Nectaire by: Morgan Hunter


St. Nectaire: Si quelqu'un va vous traiter là-bas, ils vont toujours vous dire à propos de St. Nectaire

Ce fromage est fait à partir de Auvergne centre de la France. Ce fromage est fait à partir de lait de vache. Ce fromage a une texture soyeuse. Il a un goût de noisette et champignone. Ce fromage se mange avec Beaujolais ou un Pinot Noir.


This is the region from where St. Nectaire is made from.



Ce fromage a une texture douce. Ce fromage a une saveur douce. Il n'a pas eu une forte odeur de fromage. Je pouvais goûter les champignons. Je pouvais goûter noisette aussi. J'ai vraiment aimé le fromage.