Tuesday, October 2, 2012

La France: un lieu de nombreux interets

La France est un endroit passionnant a visiter. Il est rempli de touristes profitant de l'atmosphere. 60 millions de touristes venir. En France, de nombreux mesees et monuments peuvent etre trouvees. Le Chateau de Chenonceau est une attraction. La France a argo-alimentaires, produits de leuxe, et banques. La France a beaucoup celebres. Claude Debussy, Camille Claudel, et Auguste Renior sont tous des personnages celebres francais. La France est l'enfriot endeal pour prendre des vacances et de la grandeur d'experience.

Map of France:



Un monument specifique: Le Pantheon
The Patheon is an ancient building in Rome that stands for a temple for all Gods. Michaleango reconized this round shaped building as "angelic and not human design." After it was a temple it became a christian church but by that time it was already 1350 years old. No one knows this buildings real age, but there are many legends about its age and when it was built. The dome shape was adapted in 120 AD when Hadrian came to power. The beatuful building became a circular shape with lavish inscriptions and art decorating the walls. The patheon is a site in France any tourist or local would love to visit.

Image: The Eye — Sunlight beams through the ...

Une personne celebre: Claude Debussy
Claude Debussy was born Auguest 22 1862 in France. At the age of nine he showed palent at the piano. He studied composing music and playing the piano at Paris Constervatory. Although he lived in peverty with his parents in France, he still continued to play music and compose. As he grew up his music tlye matured and develpoent into something that changed music in the 20th century. His music won many awards such as the 1884 Grande Prix and his music was used in producions like ballets. Claude Debussy is a profound musician that gives France something else to attract people
along with the stunning enviorment.

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