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Thomas Pradeau: An Aspiring Classic

     A native of Paris, France, Thomas Pradeau is one of the numerous unknowns, just beginning a prospective career as an artist who revolutionizes the concept of French music. Born on the eleventh of March in 1984 (in Bohemia), Pradeau grew up with his mother and artistic father (a painter) in Montmartre, a place known for its artists. According to the younger singer, living there as a child gave him opportunities to express himself openly. By the age of five, Thomas was singing in a childrens' choirs and participating in small musicals. He eventually mastered both the drums, guitar, and by ear alone, the piano. As a teenager, he even started a rock band, influences by both both, "Queen" and Mozart in his unique work. In a place where the arts were heavily cultivated, it only seemed expected that Pradeau pursue a successful career as a songwriter, although it did not begin as expected..

     Despite his avid learning in music and love of the arts, Pradeau eventually knew he had to, "grow up" so to speak, although he wouldn't dare give up his dream of performing. He became a hotel clerk, working nights and writing song music in his free time, which he posted on his "myspace" account. However, as with most talent, the unique writer and musician could not have been left in the dark for long.When My Master Company offered Thomas a record deal after discovering his page, who wouldn't have jumped at the chance? Although new to the French music scene, his fresh take on folk music has quickly become pleasurable to thousands, no matter where they are from. Referring to one of his influences, "Mozart," Thomas reflects that he was the first "punk," so to speak. The style he used was both drastic and impacting, as Pradeau wants be one day. Known for his musical spontaneity, it is no surprise that Thomas has accumulated many fans in only two years, even releasing his first album, "À deux pas de ma rue." Although the musical entrepreneur has not yet won any awards, it is likely his one of a kind, heartfelt songs will quickly win France over!

      Thomas Pradeau's work has been categorized in both the French pop and folk music genre, with a medley of piano playing ballads and those classic string rhythms France is known for. For me, personally, his musical approach is fresh no matter how many times one repeats a song. There is always a cheerful note to his music, while also maintaining a vivid passion that coincides with whatever emotion is presently being portrayed. In, "Audrey" for example, Pradeau's meaningful romantic tone is complimented by the rich flow of French words with which he sings, accenting each one with meaning. It portrays a sickness of heart and uses poetic symbolism to express typically hard to capture feeling.

"Audrey it would be cowardly
Should you not strike us
That you have nothing to do."
         His choice of words is both puzzling as well as unique. Constantly, Pradeau uses poetic devices to express his meaning, such as "strike" referred to in the lines above. In consideration, I translate the meaning to reference the striking of a match, or the lighting of flame. As love is often referred to in this way, it is logical to find such simple words deep and meaningful.  I listen to such words, and feel that possibly, despite its silliness, love is still blossoming today.No matter one's present thoughts, Thomas Pradeau's ballad creates a new, peaceful, hopeful mindset. Combined with piano, soft toned string instrumentals, and even accordion, Thomas Pradeau woos his own Juliet in as beautiful a manner as Shakespeare himself wrote.

        Although love is one of this artist's prime topics, he also sings about his home: Montmartre. As formerly discussed, the area is known for its artistic culture. However, as every, "starving artist" knows, that does not always indicate prosperity. In Thomas' case, the charm of Montmartre still enchants him today for its unique people. Another of his better known songs, "Le pays de Molière," (which roughly translated means,
 "Welcome to my Land") describes the rise and fall of such a spontaneous lifestyle, as well as its effects on
the people that live there. His adoration for its strangeness is expressed in an upbeat manner in both his 
music and its coinciding video. As always, his feelings are expressed in the way words are said, in the 
rhythm of the song, and ultimately, the words' meaning. Already displayed in the lyrics above, Thomas 
Pradeau strives to give the listener a view from his own perspective, and always adds a note of hope to 
his voice and meaning, no matter the song's topic. It proves that dreamers such as Thomas never cease 
to find hope and love in the world, even when things seems more like a nightmare. By combining a 
mixture of classic French medley and modern pop, Pradeau also creates artistic unity in his work, providing 
the listeners with a personal key to the dream he finds in a world that may seem harsh. 

      Despite his fresh take on typical French pop, many people throughout both the U.S., Great Britain, and 
France have found his music inspirational and quirky. Because he has yet to enter through the door of 
massive fame, such as the well known names one would find on a tabloid, Thomas has not encountered any
"Youtube" hecklers. In fact, a flurry of different languages makes up the comments under his videos including
both French and English. For example, his song, "Bain de mousse" or, "Bath Foam," (a rant about
fame and society corruption preventing simple pleasures) included positive comments and wishes. One
American subscriber said: "I hope he comes to the U.S. one day." Another French youth exclaimed: "On est
complètement absorbé par la chanson!!" or "I am completely absorbed in this song!!" Many, as I, have 
discovered the blooming artist by complete mistake, and now feel ever so glad that they did! Altogether, 
Thomas has a hopeful future, not because he is a seeker or fame, but because he is self-expressive in all his
music, something many will be able to relate to and love as his popularity inevitably escalates. 

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