Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tarte Aux Fraises

Tarte aux fraises is a favorite desert for many French families. Affordable ingredients and a simple recipe make it easy and quick to whip up, without any hassle. It probably started out as a farmer's dish, with fresh strawberries, cream, and homemade pie crusts. Now it's a staple at most pâtisserie and a classic French desert. 

I found making a tarte aux fraises a surprisingly easy and enjoyable experience. I had always thought that French recipes were extremely complicated and required nothing but gourmet ingredients. In reality, we could get everything we needed at the grocery store. Thankfully, the recipe was also very easy to follow, and definitely wasn't the long and drawn out process I'd imagined. The most difficult part for me was arranging the strawberry slices on the tarte.  While I had pictured it in the style of Martha Stewart, with perfectly symmetrical slices in some sort of pretty pattern, in the end realized all I really wanted to do was hurry up and try some of it. We sprinkled it with sugar (I wasn't adventurous enough to try mascarpone) and tasted our creation.While our tartes might not have looked perfect, they were absolutely divine!

La Recette:

Deux pâtes à tartes
8 oz de fromage à la crème
une demi-tasse de crème sure
trois à soupe de sucre
une cuillère à soupevanille
mascarpone (goûter)

1. Mélanger le , la crème sure, le sucre et la vanille dans un mélangeur électrique.
2.Remplir la pâtes à tartes avec cette mélange.
3.Lavent et coupent les fraises, sans les sommets.
4.Organiser les fraises et parseme le sucre et la mascarpone sur la tarte.

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