Thursday, January 17, 2013

Etoiles dans la nuit

Stars-Inspector Javert

You know your place in the sky
 You hold your course and your aim
And each in your season
 Returns and returns
 And is always the same
 And if you fall as
 Lucifer fell You fall in flames!
 And so it must be
 And so it is written
 On the doorway to paradise
 That those who falter and those who fall
 Must pay the price!
Lord let me find him
That I may see him
Safe behind bars
 I will never rest
 Till then, this I swear
 This I swear by the stars!
In this song Javert is asking God to help him find the run away slave he has been searching for all of his life. He says he will never rest until he finds the "fugative" Jean Valjean. Javert is obessed with the law and believes strongly that whoever fails to follow the law will pay the price behind bars. He wants justice to be served on Jean Valjean and to find him. The fact that Javert is searching for JeanValgean, builds the story into what is it. Without Javerts presistant searching Jean Valgean would not have the hidden life with Cosette that he lives. His search for the fugative adds an aspect of suspense to the story. His emotions shown through this song are clear with the setting and words. He is on a rooftop by himself looking out over the city and asking God to help him find the man he longs to catch. He seems a bit frusterated that he cannot catch him but he is very sure of himself that justice willl be serves. He says many times in the song that if people fall, and comit crimes, they will pay the price. He does not plan to stop at any limit until the finds Jean Valjean. I think this song is beautiful and the way he expresses his need for the law and urge to find Jean Valjean. He expresses exactly how much he wants to find him and he swears by the stars that he will do so which is a poweful thing to say. I love when he says "this I swear by the stars" becasue it is such a  powerful note and so promising that he will go through with what he intends to do. I also like when he sings "you know your place in the sky, you hold your course and your aim" becasue it shows just how smart Jean Valjean is and how hard he is to catch. I think this line shows Javerts frusteration towards Valjeans constant running. He says right there that he knows his way in the dark and knows his way around the law.
Madison McElheney

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