Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cosette: Un Symbole D'Amour

Towards the beginning of the movie, Cosette is a young girl who lives with another family, the Thenardiers, while her mother, Fantine, tries to make money to support her. She is treated as if she were a maid or a slave, constantly being ordered to work around the inn. Another member of the Thenardier family is Eponine, the daughter of the couple. Eponine is rewarded with her mother and father's love unlike Cosette. Soon enough, Jean Valjean, the mayor of the town and a friend of Fantine, comes to Cosette's rescue and takes her in as his own child. She grows up as Jean Valjean's daughter. The movie skips about eight years to when they are all older. Cosette is now a lovely young woman who is apart of the upper class. Eponine and her family fall into poverty and are constantly scrounging around for money. There is a new person in Eponine's life who she is hopelessly in love with and that is Marius. Marius is blind to her love and eventually falls in love with Cosette. After the fighting and revolting, Marius and Cosette get married and now Cosette is no longer a lonely girl.


Cosette is a good character. Except for one circumstance, she does not cause any harm towards others. Her and Marius' love was an unintentional stab in the back to Eponine. Cosette grows up to be a good person, someone any mother would have been proud of. She introduces love into Jean Valjean's life and he becomes a loving, kindhearted father to her. Like all fathers, Jean Valjean was hesistant and stubborn about letting Cosette go to be with the love of her life. But he soon realizes that if he doesn't bring Marius home safe to Cosette, then she will have no one when Jean Valjean is dead and gone.


Cosette represents love throughout the whole movie. Even though, for a while, she is a lonely person hiding away with Jean Valjean, she is still kind to him and comforts him. When she finds Marius, she finds a new kind of love she has never been introduced to. Cosette shows both a romantic kind of love and a family kind of love.

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