Thursday, February 28, 2013

Entre les Murs par Laurent Catet

Entre les Murs

L a u r e n t      C a t e t

L e     s y n o p s i s
Entre les murs est l'histoire d'un professeur de français. Il s'occupe de ses «élèves en difficulté». L'histoire commence à l'automne, le début de l'année scolaire, et se termine à l'été. Les élèves qui sont difficulté dans sa classe sont Esmerelda, Khoumba et Souelymane. Le professeur veut ses étudiants d'être bon. Ils sont bavards et grossier. Il veut savoir ses élèves mieux, donc il leur donne des devoirs à écrire un "autoportrait." L'histoire se termine avec Souleymane être expulsé. Les élèves aussi commencent à respecter Marin.

R e v i e w
Entre le Murs is an award winning film about a French teacher dealing with his problem students. This movie has won multiple awards, however, I personally did not like it at all. It was the longest two hours and ten minutes of my life. I found it boring and uneventful. It could be the fact that my American taste in movies requires more of a "Hollywood effect." I did notice deeper meanings throughout the story, which was interesting. The movie seemed to drone on and on with no actual point. It never reached a climax and everything was completely realistic. The movie did not end with tying all of the loose ends up, as an American movie would have done. It just ended. While viewing this movie, I noticed I had to assume a lot of things about the characters and their lives. The usual background info prevalent among American films, was not present. I'm sure other French movies are excellent, I just happened to pick the wrong one. 

What qualities of French New Wave cinema can be seen in the film?
There was never a large, life-changing event. The set consisted of just a school and the camera was handheld.

How do colors, light and surroundings affect the over all mood?
The lights and colors remained the same throughout the entire film. The surroundings never actually changed, as well. It seemed as if the lighting used in the movie were the lights in the classroom, giving it a more realistic appearance.

What messages or themes is the film trying to convey?
I recognized two themes within this film. 1) In order to gain respect, you must respect; making the respect mutual. 2) There is a lot more to a person than what you receive on your first impression.

Can you compare this film to any particular American film? How so? 
I could not find any American film that related to the story Entre les Murs tells. Not many American movies have realistic, untidy plots dealing with problem-making students.

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